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The NEW Fitness Scene

OUTDOOR SESSIONS! Let’s get Outside Ladies!!

So it’s been 6 months…and you have fallen off of your normal fitness routines. We get it..times are weird. But now IT IS TIME TO DROP THE EXCUSES and get back in the game (all while staying safe) Grab your gal friends and join the new hottest fitness scene. OUTDOOR FITNESS! Yes, that’s right! We are going to be moving our butts outdoors. These outdoor fitness sessions have been gaining popularity recently. Friends are joining together (while safely social distancing) to get in shape and feel a sense of community. This is a great way to have some fun, get some socialization in, while burning calories. Outdoor workouts focus on functional fitness, HIIT Circuits, agility training and core. It’s definitely a win-win for everyone.  At Kai Boyer Fitness, we have developed a way for everyone to feel a sense of community. We are lacking the interpersonal connection that we use to receive. Exercise can become a lot more fun if you involve family and friends. Instead of meeting a friend for lunch or coffee, ladies are now meeting their friends for outdoor fitness sessions. Outdoor workouts are truly the way of the future. No matter the day or time, there is a time slot for you to schedule your workout.  Contact Kai Boyer Fitness to join the tribe today!

Vanessa Laurel WhitbyJust a SoCal girl who loves all things health and wellness!

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