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Kai is a Certified Master Trainer specializing in Women’s Physique, Weight Loss, Athletic Performance Training, Injury Rehabilitation and Pain Management. She currently holds 6 certifications and has an extensive history working with Athletes and individuals with injuries. With 10+ years experience Kai has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their fitness goals and transform their lives and  bodies through fitness & nutrition.



  • National Personal Training Association (Master Training)

  • American Red Cross

  • American Fitness Professionals 

  • dotFIT

  • Gray Institute

  • SBT

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Hosh is a Certified Personal Trainer with over 21 years of experience in the fitness industry and has certifications from NASM, NCCPT and Aerobics and the Fitness Association of America. He specializes in one-on-one, group sessions and in-home training that focuses on weight loss, strength training and overall wellness. Hosh has trained high school and professional athletes in both volleyball and basketball. He also have 11 years of experience in mixed martial arts and boxing which he integrates with workouts for clients who are looking for a different challenge.



  • NASM


  • AFAA


Sheryl is a Certified Person Trainer through American Council on Exercise. She enjoys helping her clients learn functional strength training, proper nutrition, and how to incorporate activities as part of a healthy lifestyle that is so vital for our bodies and brain health.  Sheryl works well with clients who are trying to take that first step after being told they need to start exercising by their doctor but do not know where or how to begin.  



  • American Council on Exercise

  • American Safety and Health Institute

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