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Stay in Shape Even When Traveling

Summer is approaching which means SUMMER VACAYS! Even though travel plans may throw you out of your normal fitness routine, here are some simple ways you can squeeze in some fitness into your life.

Airport Fitness:

Try to squeeze in a few workouts before you board a plane. I promise no one is judging you!

One-arm luggage rows (Use your bag as weight) 10 reps each arm

Incline Push-Up (Feet on floor, hands on the edge of a secure seat, like an airport lobby) 15 reps

Squats using hand luggage as weight - 20 reps

Airport Lunges- That’s right. These are just lunges you do in the airport :)

Take the stairs and skip the moving walkways.

Hotel Gyms:

Other options include hotel gyms. Even the most basic of hotels have gyms these days. I usually try to schedule hitting the gym in the early hours of the day, before any travel activities begin.

Outdoor Adventures:

Workouts can be done outside of a gym too! Try to book fun activities like biking, hiking, kayaking, or even just walking through a new city. This can be a great way to explore a new place or even look at somewhere you have been before through new eyes.

Though it is okay to take a few days off while on vacation, it is always nice to try to squeeze a workout in for both your mental and physical health.


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