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Reflection and Goal Setting

Happy New Year Everyone!!

A new year means a fresh start.

Starting your new year with REFLECTION and GOAL SETTING is an amazing way to start the new year. At the end of each year, I love to take a moment and reflect on what I accomplished. Time goes by so quickly, and sometimes we don’t take time to stop reflect and look at what we have accomplished. Stop and celebrate your small moments and your small wins. Looking back, we didn’t know how 2020 was going to go. So while reflecting be flexible with yourself. Focus on all of the things you did make possible!


What did I contribute and accomplish and what did I do to grow personally? What things did I do to help propel me towards my future? What goals did I accomplish? What am I still working towards?

While doing a reflection we may still be working towards some goals, and that is amazing too. Sometimes you don’t always accomplish everything you wanted to through the year and that is okay. It is a time to be flexible with yourself, assess where you are at. And move forward.

This fresh start is an amazing time to set new goals. We don’t know what the future will hold, so keep that in mind as you move into 2021. Work on the things you can control and keep your goals attainable. When we set attainable goals, it helps us stay on track for the larger things we want to accomplish.

One of my biggest goals for the new year is to be consistent with self-care and personal growth. Something that helps me stay on track with my personal growth and goals is journaling. Journaling has so many benefits. Personally, it helps to keep my thoughts organized which helps my anxiety. One of my favorite ways I do this is by using The Kaizen Journal. The Kaizen Journal is meant to be your guide in stimulating new thoughts, ideas, and methodologies throughout your journey of self-exploration. Journaling helps me dive deeper into self-exploration and set and achieve my goals. This is a huge part of my self-care routine.

While setting new goals for this year I am using baby steps. I am setting small attainable goals that will help me feel better overall. I break down my goals into daily, weekly, or monthly actions. From there, I break them down into personal or professional. Being able to view my goals into broken-down steps allows me to not feel overwhelmed by the large picture. This helps keep me on track with small wins along the way. Just keep in mind, we do not know how this year will play out, so be gentle with yourself.

Thought starters:

What do I love about my life? What am I thankful for?

Where do I want to grow personally? Where do I want to grow professionally? What is one daily habit I can improve?

You have the power and choice to make every day amazing. Take this fresh slate and run into 2021 with a positive badass attitude!

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