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Non stressful Change

February 18, 2019 By aleishasalazar3 In Nutrition, Weight Loss

Does thinking about a change in your life overwhelm you? Is there always something keeping you from achieving your goals? Don’t know where to start taking back your life from all that weakens you?

Kaizen will you increase the quality and efficiency of your life. The Japanese word kaizen means “change for better.” It’s premise lies in the notion that you should set an achievable goal and step by step change your life. Small steps will guide you toward your goal.


1. Change for the better

2. Continuous improvement process

So for example, if you want to take care of your body in the spirit of Kaizen philosophy, think about how small goals lead to more rewards. When you wake up in the morning do 5 squats or eat one more veggie stick and 1 less pizza slice than you usually do. Your brain will think about how easy it is to do this tiny thing. As you achieve one small goal each day, it will improve your mind, spirit, and body in no time. Don’t lose hope in changing your life for the better!

No excuses anymore! What small change will you make TODAY and every day after?

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