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Tis the Season...

Tis the Season for.....overindulging living!

The holiday season is upon us and that means endless holiday parties, holiday baking, comfort food, cocktails, and more. And while many times it is easy to fall off the fitness are a few tricks to have your cake...and work it off too!

  • Exercise early...get it done first thing in the morning so you can still attend that afterwork holiday gift exchange.

  • Find healthy alternatives for your holiday comfort switching out sour cream for greek yogurt or butter with apple sauce!

  • Ditch the tempting sugar filled holiday cocktails and stick to red wine or spirits & soda water.

  • Plan ahead. Schedule out the days you will be unable to exercise and make sure you stick to your workout schedule on the alternative days.

  • Set a short term goal. Work with your personal trainer to come up with a plan that fits your busy life in this crazy time.

  • Add in HIIT training and full body blasts to your workout routine to maximize your time.

  • Regift that box of chocolates that your coworker gave you ;)

And remember..Indulge for a NIGHT...not the SEASON!

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