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The Kaizen Method..for YOUTH

Living a healthy lifestyle starts with building the foundation young. One of the most important things is teaching your kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Teaching children about how to lead a healthy lifestyle today will produce healthy, productive adults. That’s why so many parents are now hiring personal trainers for their children. Not only can starting endurance training help your child with their sports, it builds healthy habits that will be brought into adulthood.

Kaizen Physique, created by Kai Boyer, has now added youth training programs into their “Kaizen Method.” The Kaizen Method is all about building healthy habits, so why not start forming healthy habits before bad ones are even formed.

While Kaizen still focuses on proper form, they like to keep it fun for the kids. Kaizen trainers look for engaging exercises and find ways to incorporate their interests into their workouts. For added fun with the younger kids, trainers will do fun memory games and math games. This method is both educational and keeps their brain active and not thinking about exercising.

Kaizen Trainer, Michelle Sapinoso, has been researching what activities specific clients like and incorporating those interests into their programming.

Besides improved endurance in sports, flexibility, increased muscle tone, weight loss, parents have also noticed that their children display increased self-esteem and confidence. This has also led to better eating habits, and even better grades in school. Kids have been responding so well to the new addition to the Kaizen Method that they have no allocated spots just for youth.

Sign up your child today and see the amazing improvements it can do for your children.

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