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Meet Kai—Your Go-To Master Trainer Are you looking for the best personal trainer in OC

Blog Title: Meet Kai—Your Go-To Master Trainer

Are you looking for the best personal trainer in OC? Look no further! Kai is an experienced and certified master trainer who specializes in women’s physique, weight loss, athletic performance training, injury rehabilitation and pain management. With 6 certifications under her belt, she has been helping professional athletes and the elite people of Orange County get their bodies back in shape.

Kai is a Certified Master Trainer specializing in Women’s Physique, Weight Loss, Athletic Performance Training, Injury Rehabilitation and Pain Management. She has 6 certifications and has an impressive track record working with professional athletes and the elite of Orange County. She is renown for helping women get their bodies back after babies and working with clients with extensive injuries.

Currently Kai is the only personal trainer in Orange County, Ca that is certified to teach the Knees Over Toes Program. The program is simple do every movement that hurts the knees BACKWARDS and that very pressure bolsters the knees, increasing strength for protection and longevity. These exercises allow your body to handle pressure at your own level, there by increasing strength for protection as well as nutrient delivery to make your knees last longer.

She competed collegiately and professionally in tennis and after an unfortunate a career ending hip injury she had to give up her career she had lived and breathed for over 15 years. In 2016 while finishing at her degree at UC Irvine she started her first business and has helped hundreds of clients across the world change their lives.

As of 2020 Kai is a serial entrepreneur and published Mindset change author, she loves to help individuals shift their perspective and mindset beyond just physical changes.

“I take great pride in creating a positive culture with my fitness program. By encouraging positivity, living a healthy, conscious lifestyle and constantly improving, my clients become part of that culture. I always preach to my clients to improve themselves in some aspect every day whether that is physical or mental.”

  • AFPA

  • TRX Suspension Certification

  • AFAA Certified Master Trainer

  • Certified Knee Over Toes Coach Kai has a track record that speaks for itself. Her clients have seen AMAZING results with her expertise on muscle building, weight loss and various other health and fitness goals. She works closely with each client to ensure they reach their desired goals while also educating them on proper nutrition to support healthy lifestyle habits. For those who are trying to get their bodies back after childbirth or recovering from injuries, Kai is specially trained to help reduce pain or manage discomfort effectively.

Besides being an excellent personal trainer, Kai is also passionate about giving back to the community through personal training workshops and classes. She helps people learn how to exercise properly so that they can achieve their health and fitness goals more efficiently. Furthermore, she often runs special events such as outdoor bootcamps free of charge so all can join. Keep an eye out for the next outdoor bootcamp near you!

So if you’re looking for a top-notch personal trainer in Orange County, then look no further than Kai! With years of experience coupled with her impressive certification portfolio, she will be sure to help you reach your health and fitness objectives in no time at all. Get ready to take your workouts up a notch with this certified master trainer! Contact Kai today to start your journey towards becoming a healthier version of yourself!

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