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Knees Over Toes

The Knees Over Toes Program by Ben Patrick is one of the fastest growing global phenomenons for individuals struggling with knee injuries and overall joint pain. The rehab program has rewritten and corrected nearly every kinesiology textbook to date and aims to educate viewers on how to strengthen their knees (and other joints) from the ground up, using a greater range of motion than previously recommended. Currently Kai is the only personal trainer in Orange County, Ca that is certified to teach the Knees Over Toes Program. The program is simple do every movement that hurts the knees BACKWARDS and that very pressure bolsters the knees, increasing strength for protection and longevity. These exercises allow your body to handle pressure at your own level, there by increasing strength for protection as well as nutrient delivery to make your knees last longer. This program uses short but effective workouts to focus on building strength in key areas that will reduce pain, help prevent injury and build athletic potential in the major joints and muscles. Why Knees Over Toes? The knees passing over the toes is a completely safe and natural action that we do all the time in our everyday movements. When we do knees over toes exercises, we build up the tissue and tendon strength around the knee. Functional strength in the knees over toes position is enhanced. Knees over toes exercises are also the best way to maximally work the muscles that surround the knee, especially the vastus medialis, which sits directly above the knee. Contact Kai ( to learn more about her Knees Over Toes Rehab program and get back to doing the activities you love the most.

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