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How does improving yourself just 1% each day lead to major changes (Kaizen)

February 26, 2019 By aleishasalazar3 In Nutrition, Weight Loss

Does thinking about a change in your life overwhelm you? Is there always something keeping you from achieving your goals? Don’t know where to start taking back your life from all that weakens you?

The Japanese use term called ‘Kaizen’ meaning “to change for better.” It’s premise lies in the notion that you should set an achievable goal and step by step improve your life by at 1% each and everyday. Kaizen is a more realistic and humanized approach, it takes human nature into account not to over whelm you with large overarching goals.

When individuals take on a new fitness program they are often overwhelmed by large ambitious goals like significant strength gains and drastic weight loss goals. Intimidated by the sheer ambition of these goals, they are likely to put off actually doing things that will lead them to achieve their goals. Even if they start a program, they are likely to feel snowed under by imagined difficulties and fall off the program. My philosophy of integrating Kaizen into my training methods prevents that feeling and break it down into smaller achievable goals.


Change for the betterContinuous improvement processImproving one self just by even 1% each day.

As you achieve one small goal each day, whether it be doing one more push up or doing one more minute on the stair master you will improve your mind, spirit, and body in no time. And most of all you will feel accomplished and motivated to do better each day you’re at the gym.

By improving yourself just 1% each day you can improve yourself by 365% in a single year!

So what small change will you start making TODAY?

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