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  • Camille Johnson

Getting Through Grief: Healing Steps and Healthy Goals

Guest writer: Camille Johnson

Navigating grief can feel like walking through a deep fog. In fact, grief has been proven to

impact memory and clear thinking, which leaves you less capable of self-care. Yet, healing

from loss requires mental and physical strength, so it's crucial to set healthy goals while

walking through your loss. 

Psychologist Dr. Katherine King states, "Grief is a marathon rather than a sprint." Creating

goals that lead you to care for yourself, help you process in a healthy manner, and get you

focusing on your future can help you heal. 

Simplify Your Self-Care

This isn't a time to focus on challenging daily goals. First, you must concentrate on the

basics of self-care.

• Maintain a schedule. Routines are centering and provide a flow to your day, which

can help you remember to accomplish tasks, such as brushing teeth and eating. Wake

up, eat meals, and wind down each evening at specific times.

• Move your body. Engaging in 15 to 20 minutes of exercise per day can release

endorphins and improve cognitive function. Exerting energy also decreases anxiety

and helps you sleep. 

• Get sunshine. Take advantage of the California sunshine, and exercise by walking

outside daily. The melanin produced in the skin through sun exposure can help fight

grief-induced insomnia. Sunshine is also a natural source of vitamin D, adding another

boost to your health.

• Drink water. Water provides myriad health benefits. Buy a brightly colored water

bottle, and keep it next to you for easy accessibility. Mindlessly sipping during the day

can help you increase your water intake.

Write About Your Grief

Journaling through grief can help you process your pain. You can't process what you

haven't yet discovered, so use a stream-of-consciousness technique to reveal feelings you

hadn't noticed were brewing, such as anger. If you feel stuck, seek out grief-related

prompts on the internet. 

Focus on Your Future

The loss of your loved one is a reminder that life is precious and you must live yours to the

fullest. Re-examine your professional goals, and note what holds you back from

accomplishing them. 

If education is the problem, set an appropriate goal. Lack of education can be a roadblock to

career goals, so take this time to dive into working toward that continuing education

certificate or bachelor's degree right here in Irvine. Research a reputable master's or

doctorate program. An educational program can accompany you through your grief

journey, keep you future-focused, and leave you with something useful: a degree.

Are you balancing family and job commitments? No problem. Online degree programs

allow you to compare tuition rates, plan around your schedule, and complete a degree from

home. When exploring your online options, be sure to choose an accredited program. The

Irvine area is full of reputable universities and colleges, making it easy to set an educational

goal today.

Loss is inevitable in life, and, unfortunately, nobody is exempt from suffering. However, you

can empower yourself and carry some control of your grief process by setting helpful and

healthy goals. Check out Kai Boyer Fitness for help with goal-setting and self-improvement.

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