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Early Bird Gets the Workout!

The early bird gets the….morning sweat!

Whether it is personal fitness goals, injury rehabilitation, sports performance or athletic training….Here are a few simple tips to help you become that person who wakes up ready for a good AM workout!

Go to Bed Early and set your alarm 30 minutes earlier… but NO SNOOZE BUTTON! 😉

Lay out your gear the night before..that way you don’t have to even think about your outfit..just roll out of bed and get going!

Find an accountability partner..personal trainers like Kai are perfect for this!

Schedule are more likely going to show up for your workout session if you have it scheduled out with a personal trainer.

Find a fitness routine you love.. finding a workout you truly look forward to doing is key! Work with a trainer to find specific workouts for your body that can keep you motivated!

Bribe Yourself..this is always a winner in my books to help me to reach my fitness goals!

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