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10 Ways To Get...M O T I V A T E D

Remember Your Why - First off, where does your motivation stem from? What motivates you? Is it to have a better life? To lose weight? To be the best version of yourself? It is important to be clear what gets you motivated to get big results. Identifying where your goals stem from can help keep you motivated and on track for success.

Set a Short Term Goal - A great way to keep up motivation is to set an attainable short term goal. Setting a goal that you can easily work towards can shift your mindset and build momentum. Think of changing your mindset from “I want to lose 15 pounds, to I want to run for 15 minutes.” This can still be challenging but is realistic and attainable. Breaking bigger goals down into smaller milestones helps you see your progress and stay motivated.

Get Yourself a Planner - This is huge for me. This allows me to plan out my days and tasks and actually get shit done. When you plan out your day, you can make time for the things that need to get done. Having a set schedule for working out is a great way to plan ahead. Knowing that I scheduled a 5:30 fitness session after I get off work allows me to mentally prepare and not plan anything else. I am less likely to skip out or make other plans when I have it in my planner.

Stay Hydrated - A lack of water can easily cause fatigue and therefore a lack of motivation. To keep your energy levels high naturally, keep drinking water throughout your day.

Switch it Up - Change up your routine so you don’t become stagnant. This is why working with a personal trainer can be so great. You have something new everyday that is tailored to fit your goals and your needs.

End Each Day Prepping for the Next - If your goal is to work out early the next morning, make sure you pack your gym bag and anything you need the night before. If your goal is to wake up early and make yourself a healthy breakfast before work, then plan out your work outfit the night before. These small tasks will help you when that alarm goes off and set you up for a successful day.

Get Moving - If you are trying to get motivated to exercise: congratulations! Exercising will actually help you get more motivated. The reason behind this is that exercising releases certain hormones that cause you to feel energized.

Reward Yourself- Set a reward for yourself. “My goal is to work out 4 times a week for the next month. If I do this, I will go buy myself a new workout outfit” YES GIRL. You deserve it!

Visualization - Visualize the outcome of your goal. Imagine what it will be like once it is accomplished. Place yourself in the situation. How do you feel? What has changed because you were able to achieve this goal? Make it as real as possible and refocus on this anytime your motivation is waning.

Remember to Rest - Motivation differs from day to day and some days it is important to listen to your body. Don’t push yourself too hard on the days when you really aren’t feeling it (that time of the month, or just feeling burnt out) Allow yourself to reset and rest so that you don’t get burnt out. Something that usually helps me when I am feeling this way is unrolling my yoga mat and just simply stretching. This maintains the habit of caring for your body daily without making you feel like you have fallen behind.

Your limitation—it’s only your imagination.

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